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Reno Celebrated its 150th Birthday. Here is just a small taste.

Last week, Reno celebrated the 150th birthday of our city. This celebration is known as  “Reno 150”.

~Photos, Videos, and article by Dana Nollsch~

There were lots of dignitaries and a who’s who joining the celebration outside of the Aces Baseball stadium. There was also a game that was free for all to see.

I was there just for a bit and talked to Julie Begbie about the “Reno Map” that was presented to the city. The “Reno Map” is an original art print representing a map of Reno showing the city as a work of art. The story behind the “Reno Map” and the company that has been born from that piece of art.  Check out the video to find out more about the “Reno Map” and Silver State 98.

Here is a link to Silver State 98’s website:

There was also a Flash Mob from the Note-Able Music Therapy with some of the good people from The Life Change Center joining them. There was so much joy in this group, that joy was indeed contagious. Check out the video to see what I mean.

Here is a link to the Note-Able Music Therapy website:

For more information on “Reno 150” check out the website:

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