By Randy Pelish

Emmy Award-winning director Todd Douglas Miller turns his attention to a soaring moment in American history, the successful lunar module landing in July 1969.  It landed on the moon’s Sea of Tranquility, one of the few truly tranquil moments in that tumultuous decade.

The film documents without fanfare the American can-do tradition.  Using NASA footage never seen before Miller tells the entire story from the pre-launch to the post-recovery celebration in a trim 93-minute documentary.  It emphasizes that this event, inspired by a 1961 challenge from John F. Kennedy, was a result of teamwork.

Those too young to remember should see this film and share that soaring moment with those old enough who do remember and still savor that moment.  Everyone will enjoy this film.  Despite the tragedies of that era teamwork was still possible.  The retelling of the story in this superlative film just may convince the audience that happily it still is.

Apollo 11 is playing at the Century Riverside 12 theater through May 3, 2019

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