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A Saturday Art Tour

Yesterday Michelle and I went on a Saturday Art Tour around Downtown Reno.
Our first stop was “West Street Market” to see the art on the walls.
The work by Alison Tomei is fantastic; here is a sample.

A Saturday Art Tour

There are also a few great pieces by Dale Slingland.

A Saturday Art Tour

Art Market at West Street Plaza

From there, we went to Sierra Arts “Art Market at West Street Plaza.” The artists we visited were Vincent Cascio, Femme Flora Design, Nickie Robinson, Shelby Nicole Gillham Manfish Inc. The quality and variety of art were a delight for Michelle and I.

Here are some photos of the artists.

Colin Ross provided the backdrop of music, and Colin is such a delight.

A Saturday Art Tour

Sierra Arts

Sierra Arts was our next stop, where two photographers and one painter displayed their work. Michelle Peltier, a Tahoe native, is a painter and shows her love of nature with her art.

A Saturday Art Tour

Rodney Thompson and Todd Paige are photographers who explore nature but have different takes on the images. Todd explores the beauty and flow of water with long exposures, and Rodney uses primarily a verticle format to capture his landscapes. As a photographer, this was a delight to see the varied styles.

A Saturday Art Tour
A Saturday Art Tour

Nevada Museum of Art

Then it was off to the Nevada Museum of Art. We had not been there for a few months, and there were quite a few new exhibits in the galleries. “Campo de Color” is a delightful display of color and enticing scents to spark your memories. When you go, be sure to take some time to experience the smells as well as the colors.

A Saturday Art Tour

The Savage Mystic Gallery

The next stop was The Savage Mystic Gallery, where Colin Hurley’s “Cat-Tastrophe” exhibition is showing. We found his work to be pleasingly honest with respect to his love of cats. When you go, you will find Colin’s paintings from when he was very young to recent works.

The Potentialist Workshop

After that, we had the pleasure of the company of Steve Elegant as he showed us his photographs currently on display at The Potentialist Workshop. Steve, along with Juan Two Three Photography, offers a variety of photography styles with an urban thread. From concert photos to descriptive collages, the works are exciting and vibrant.

There is so much art to be seen in the Reno area that on any weekend, you can and should take a few hours and explore what is offered. We barely scratched the surface of the Reno Art Scene, but perhaps that only means that we should take a deeper dive and see what we find.

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