Backstage Review: ‘Animal’ at Restless Artist Theater

A darkly comedic look at the fragility of the mind, and the mayhem that comes when dancing between reality and chaos.

~Photos and Review by Dana Nollsch~

“Animal” is the story of Rachel, a woman who is struggling with life and the frailties of the mind. Supported by her husband and with the aid of her psychiatrist, Rachel takes us on a surreal journey of a mind struggling to find a sense of reality in an unreal situation. To tell you more of the story would perhaps give too much away. No spoilers for you today.

This is one of those plays that will trigger deep conversations long after you see it. Most all of us have known or been a part of someone’s struggle to keep the complexities of life in order. We found that on the drive home after seeing “Animal” we compared our experiences and processed the revelations found in the performances.

Speaking of performances, what the actors offer the audience is heartfelt and emotional. Rachel Steinman is outstanding in her portrayal of the tormented Rachel. I felt the confusion of a woman caught between the world in her head that is full of chaos and the reality of the world she is struggling to come back home to.

Check out the photos to get a taste of the powerful performances.

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“Animal” is not a feel-good play, but it is a play that takes on a subject that is often ignored and cast into the shadows. One of the things I appreciated is that this play in not preachy in the message and the story presented.

Sensitively presented and performed I know you will enjoy watching this powerful play.

Here is the cast and crew:

Rachel Steinman

Jake Steinman

Christopher Blumen

Juli Fair

Chad William Michael

Emily Fair

Directed by Julie Robertson

Written by Clare Lizzimore

“Animal” plays through September 9th at Restless Artist Theater.

For tickets and more detailed show times visit their website:




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