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Art Trek, June 10th, 2023

Yesterday we ventured to Carson City. Carson has a vibrant and expanding arts community. There are many art galleries to explore. We checked out four galleries in a few hours.

Join us for Art Trek, June 10th, 2023

~By Dana Nöllsch~

Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery

First up was Artsy Fartsy Gallery. Jeffery Pace is the mastermind behind the gallery bringing together a community of artists and art lovers to create a vibrant space to explore the beauty of creation. Located in a historic building, Artsy Fartsy Gallery is a must-see gallery when visiting Carson City.

With over 80 local and international artists represented at Artsy Fartsy, you will find something you will love; in fact, you will find many things you will love. You will see Artistic Glass, Pottery, Paintings, jewelry, and more at Artsy Fartsy.

Be sure to take a few moments to visit with Jeffery Pace. His enthusiasm for art and artists is incredible.

Here are some photos, but truthfully, you should experience the gallery in person to get the energy of this beautiful place firsthand.

405 N Nevada St

Carson City, NV

Capitol City Arts Initiative’s Courthouse Gallery

The Capitol City Arts Initiative, or the CCAI for short, operates exhibitions in 4 galleries in Carson City. The CCAI has been supporting the arts and artists for 19 years. I look forward to finding out more about the CCAI.

The current exhibit is Samuel Osheroff’s Plastic Musings, an interesting mixed-media exhibit with clever use of fabrics.

Here is a quote from the artist.

“I try to investigate not how a painting looks, or if it’s well rendered in the traditional sense, but rather, what makes that painting work, and why. There’s a feeling, a reaction inside, one gets when looking at works of art, whether good or bad, and I’m trying to understand how to harness and manipulate the fragments of a painting that can dictate and curate those feelings.”

Samuel Osheroff

885 E Musser Street

Carson City, NV

Nevada Artists Association

With well over 120 members Nevada Artists Association is one of the larger artist organizations in northern Nevada. The gallery always feels energized with a new themed show every six weeks. This is a great group to belong to if you desire to show your work and get critical feedback.

This is one of Michelle’s top galleries. Check out Nevada Artists Association and see what you think.

Here are some photos for you to get a feel for the gallery.

449 King St

Carson City, NV

Brewery Arts Center

Our last stop was the Brewery Arts Center’s Gallery. From what I understand, the gallery has students’ and instructors’ art on exhibit. The Brewery Arts Center’s Gallery is located in a great historic building and is very active with classes and more.

Check out these photos of the Brewery Arts Center’s Gallery.

449 King St

Carson City, NV


Carson City’s Arts Community supports many galleries and hosts many events. I encourage you to take a day and explore what Carson City has to offer.

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