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‘Reno Art Trek’ November 01, 2022

Michelle and I found a few hours for an Art Trek to check out three local galleries. One gallery was grand, one was homey, and one was unexpected. So pull up a chair and join us as we take this ‘Reno Art Trek’ for November 01, 2022.

Nevada Museum of Art

American Silence: The Photographs of Robert Adams

Robert Adams created photographs for 50 years chronicling the American landscape. I have looked forward to seeing these photographs for weeks and was delighted by these powerful black and white images. The exhibition shows the progress of Adams through the years in what he chose to photograph and how he saw the world.

From almost dystopian images of a land ravaged by man to a voyeur’s point of view of the suburbs, each photograph is a story in itself. The surreal beauty of classically processed black and white photographs has always been a love of mine, and Adam’s photos fit that definition to a tee.  

 Art Trek

Artists Co-op Gallery of Reno

Art Trek

The Artist Co-op is a local gallery that offers a unique variety of fine art, ceramics, jewelry, and more. I find the quality of work from these artists impressive, as well as diverse. The Co-op has 18 artists with permanent wall space and many consignment artists and group shows.

This month the Co-op welcomes two new permanent artists, Tamami Tokutake and Marylou Schindler. We spent quite a bit of time enjoying the art and talking to the artists who were handling the front desk. When you stop into the Co-op, be sure to say hi to Marilyn Newton, she has many stories of her time as a photojournalist.

Pitch Black Printing 

Art Trek

There are small art galleries tucked away all over town, and Pitch Black Printing is one of the more interesting small galleries. So, for a few more days, Pitch Black Printing will have its “Rise From The Grave: The return of Classic Monsters” show. There are many local artists in this show that you will recognize from other galleries.

Each month there is a new show at Pitch Black. They have easy parking and are worth checking out. OH, did I tell you that they have coffee?

One thought on “‘Reno Art Trek’ November 01, 2022

  • Eileen Susan Fuller

    Great review and information! One added comment, though. At the Artists Co-op, there are actually THREE new member artists. Jon Edmondo, who is an acrylic painter, is featured in the front room behind the desk this quarter.
    Ralph and Cheryln Bennett were both made LIFETIME members, but they have retired from “active duty” after 35 years! This and other vacancies have allowed the co-op to fill some vacancies with the 3 new members.


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