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Art Trek, November 11, 2022

Downtown Reno seemed like a good idea for Art Trek, November 11, 2022

By Dana Nollsch

Michelle and I headed downtown Reno to check out three galleries. Unfortunately, two of them still needed their new exhibitions hung. But we did find one gallery that we did not expect.

The Reno City Hall

Our first planned stop was the Reno City Hall and the Metro Gallery. Unfortunately, there was no art on the wall as the installation of the new exhibition still needed to begin, and they were preparing for a City Council meeting. There were metal detectors, guards with guns, and a very unwelcoming feeling. So we left.

I had never felt that uneasy feeling at the Reno City Hall before. I am sure it was the stress of the upcoming City Council Meeting and the negative energy surrounding the elections that I was feeling. We are excited to visit the Metro Gallery on our next Trek and let you know about it.

Sierra Arts

Our next stop was Sierra Arts. Unfortunately, they still needed to begin to hang their newest Show. The new Show is the annual Members 12X12 Show. The Show features many styles of art from an exciting variety of artists.

We did have a chance to revisit the Show that was still hanging. So here’s a link to the Art Trek when we looked at that work more deeply; reno-art-trek-1

More on the 12×12 Show soon.

The Basement

Art Trek, November 11, 2022

Our next stop was an exciting location called the basement. Located in the basement of the old post office in Downtown Reno. This beautiful, art-deco-style building was designed by the renowned architect Frederic Joseph DeLongchamps. The building is an artistic accomplishment in itself.

The blueprints and photos of when this building was constructed in the basement are worth looking at. Here are some pictures of when the renovations were completed bringing this art-deco masterpiece back to its original glory.

In the basement, two of the hallways have art on display. The first one we encountered had photos from burning man, but not just from the event itself. Some images in this hallway are from burning man events downtown Reno. The photographs are by various photographers and are rather fascinating.

Burning Man invites images of the surreal alternate society only the desolate desert can hold.

In the next hallway are works by David Robert, “The Seven Surrealistic Sundays of Summer Series.” He is an Award-winning Photographer and Photo Editor who works for our local independent newspaper. His photographs are surreal in their composition and content.

Robert’s work is dream-like collages that, if you listen closely, you may hear the soundtrack drawing you in deeper.

Next to Robert’s work is the work of Kim Paulsen. Paulsen’s work is vividly abstract. Her style was intriguing in style and technique. One of these would look great hanging in my hallway.

Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel & Spa

Art Trek, November 11, 2022

So, as we walked out of the basement, we saw across the street a mural on the side of the Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel & Spa. The mural depicted images created by Joe C. Rock. This intrigued us, and knowing that there is art displayed in the hallways of the Renaissance, we decided to go look.
We were pleasantly surprised when we walked in to see the paintings on the wall. In the main curated hallway is work from Reno Art Works artists. As you can see from the picture, the art is worth visiting Downtown to see this gallery.
We had to ask where Joe C. Rock’s work was and was directed down to the basement level. We found a party room with a bar and murals on the wall by Joe C. Rock and B​ryce Chisholm. This was a great place to explore, as no one else was there. This exploration was a delight, as you can tell by the photos, and is well worth the effort to find.

Stremmel Gallery

From Downtown, we headed to Midtown and the Stremmel Gallery. This month the gallery features the work of Nolan Preece: Chemigram Landscapes.

These experimental abstract images draw you into a familiar and unfamiliar landscape. The process Preece uses is unconventional, but the results engage the viewer in surprising ways. The presentation is spot on, as we have come to expect from the Stremmel Gallery.

Make time to check out Preece’s work and soak in the relaxed environment of the Stremmel Gallery this weekend.

For more information on the places we visited, check out these links:

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