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Artist Spotlight: Ms. Carrie Lynn

Join us January 26th, 2018 for a celebration with Reno favorite Carrie Lynn. Lynn has studied at the Art Institute of Seattle and the University of Nevada Reno. Lynn recalls that she first became interested in working with c ceramics when she took an introduction sculpture class in 2004. Lynn’s recounts her frustration in taking the class and how the first pieces she ever made would continually combust in the kiln and destroy what she had just devoted endless labor in creating. Observing her frustration with the seemingly unmalleable medium, Lynn took a new approach as she delved into letting what “will be, will be”. Lynn continued to work with ceramics but moved away from large-scale sculptures and focused her energy on creating on smaller items, such as the pieces in her newest exhibit. As Lynn worked began her new journey of letting go of control, she also placed an emphasis on allowing the clay to create itself and come into the shape it wanted to be. For instance, once a face was sculpted, Lynn placed the face aside and moved on to the next; not allowing herself to start over and try to remold a “better” version.


The exhibit currently on display at the NeverEnder, is the fifth year of Lynn’s ongoing series, which takes a whimsical look at a world of creatures from a magical land. This exhibition gives further insight into the series and a world in which the creatures reside, through the addition of 24 new creations known as the Spirit Guides, Joy Warriors, Good Heart Guards, Lookouts and Peace Keepers. Each hand carved face has its own unique expressions and characteristics, but lives within a greater world of the faces carved over the five-year-series. The series offers a playful nod to the larger community in how our community is comprised of millions of individuals, all uniquely themselves and with their own flaws and characteristics.


The artwork is a combination of ceramics and mixed media. Something to note, 80-90% of all the materials used in Lynn’s art pieces have been either found or donated. Lynn makes a point to use her artwork as a vessel of promoting the utilization discarded materials. She states that, by upcycling discarded materials, she is able to repurpose “junk items” and provide the materials with a new life and purpose as they become pieces in her collection. Again, this use of recycling once discarded items pays another subtle nod to humanity in how we too can find a new purpose and utilize what we once thought was “junk” and manifest it into something of beauty and strength.


All artwork is priced at $45 or $55. Come early to bring home a piece of Reno’s art revival movement. Exhibition runs Jan. 1-31. The closing reception and celebration of Carrie Lynn’s work will be on January 26th, from 6pm-8pm. There will be drinks and appetizers. The event is free and open to the public.


For those unable to make it to the reception (boo on you). However, you can contact Ms. Lynn directly via the email listed below. Outside of her own personal projects, Lynn does take on commissioned work. Drop her a line, check out her portfolio, and as always: love local.

~Hannah Davis~

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