Artown Monday Night Series – ‘Hot Club of San Francisco’

Check out the photos from “Hot Club of San Francisco’s” Artown performance.

~Photos and Article by David Rocco~

“Hot Club of San Francisco”, the Gypsy Swing ensemble, played to a full house at Hawkins Amphitheater, Monday night as part of the Free music series of Artown 2018. The Venue was full and so was the area outside, with an overflow of people that couldn’t get inside to see this fantastic show. None the less, everyone got to enjoy the great music that Hot Club of San Francisco performed, as music filled the air.


They performed many hits from different genres with their own twist which made it even more enjoyable. French vocalist Isabelle Fontaine gave the crowd a charming Vivre du Paris, mixing Love songs and Gypsy Jazz which were a combination of the early days of 20th Century French music.

All the members of this group are very well seasoned musicians. You don’t often get the combo of Flamenco type guitar playing combined with Violin and Standup Bass that sounds this good.

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To find out more about Artown’s Monday Night Series and the full line up of what is coming up check out Artown’s website:


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