Arts and Culture take an uplifting turn at the Spiritual Wellness Expo.

For two decades the spiritual arts have been featured in the biannual Spiritual Wellness Expo, formerly the Psychic Fair.

~By Michelle Shearer, Photos by Dana Nollsch~

Some of the readers offering traditional Tarot Readings to Aura Photography.

As we all know Art comes in many forms. Yesterday Dana & I had the opportunity to explore various Healing Arts held at the Spiritual Wellness Expo. As we sauntered from booth to booth taking in the different modalities used we became mesmerized by how each individual added to one another with such a nice steady flow of energy which was invigorating & uplifting. Speaking with Laura Peppard, the Founder of the Reno Psychic Institute successfully brought this event twice a year for a better part of 20 years to the Reno area. Wow! That’s 40 times that she has facilitated & oversees the Spring & Fall event. If you have not attended this event yet, I highly recommend it – come with an open heart & mind. You will be amazed!


Some of the booths we visited were:

Heart of Henna Body Art where Henna & Jagua are merged together using black ink instead of the traditional red ink. Stevie Rose explained in great detail the history behind the two modalities used in creating beautiful body art.




A booth that struck me was the Aura Canvas painting by Patti Huffman & then a reading of that painting following right after by Terri Lynn Sage. What a great combo!





Moving through the ever-growing crowd, we entered the main room & visited:

Shirley from Vibes Up advertising the business w/ cool Cinch Bags handed out to you at

Check-in booth.


Sarah McCallum from Do TERRA & received a complimentary scan.


The Tibetan Singing Bowls were magnificent to listen to, what an experience! We learned the process of how the bowl is formed & created. The detail of the art was unique & different to each bowl.






Jim Eaglesmith had a Shamanic-based booth as well as performing music later that evening. Just recently, Jim participated at Shooting The West Photography Symposium in Winnemucca, NV.


Elaina Deva Proffitt was such a delight to talk with on various topics, receive a spot on reading & found out she recently was on Coast To Coast AM w/ George Noory.

Michelle gets a reading from Elaina Deva Proffitt.
Elaina Deva Proffitt and Michelle









Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! So much talent waiting to be explored & recognized. We all have special giftings & this is definitely a way to release & share them w/ others.

Though there were many more booths to choose from these were the ones that captured our attention the most.

The Spiritual Wellness Expo is presented by the Reno Psychic Institute in the Fall and Spring every year. Or more information check out their website:

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