Backstage Review: ‘Maytag, Virgin’ at Restless Artist Theater

“Maytag Virgin” is a heartwarming and romantic comedy, with the emphasis on romantic.

~Review and Photos by Dana Nollsch~

Restless Artist Theater has once again produced a deeply passionate, well-performed play with heart. This time we are taken to the fictional town of Lenoraville, Alabama, where Lizzy (a high school teacher) is recovering from losing her husband a year earlier. Her new neighbor (Jack, also a high school teacher) shakes her world up by first introducing her to a shiny Maytag dryer but ultimately helping her to find happiness.

The story is romantic and brilliantly balanced. As I watched Lizzy and Jack getting closer, I felt compassion for these two beautiful people who are looking to let the past go and create a new future with each other. Jack recently lost his wife to cancer and as the play goes forward, we see his struggles to move past the loss.

Jack is played by Kevin McCray and Lizzy is played by Sara Mackie, Sara is new to the Reno area, coming from Canada. The subtle romantic energy the actors bring to their roles is mesmerizing. After seeing “Maytag Virgin” I found myself wanting to see the next chapter in the romance between Lizzy and Jack.

Doug Mishler directed this production of “Maytag Virgin” and he created a set that adds to the southern flavor of the story. The design of the two houses on the set, for me, felt very southern indeed.

If you have not made it to Restless Artist Theater yet, this is the perfect time to check them out and enjoy “Maytag Virgin”.

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will see:

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“Maytag Virgin” plays September 28th to October 14th. For more information, check out Restless Artist Theater’s website;


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