Backstage Review: ‘Sirens’ at Restless Artist Theater

The song of temptation may lead to epiphanies or perhaps disaster. In “Sirens” we follow one man’s journey into the rough seas of temptation.

~Review and Photos by Dana Nollsch~

Restless Artist Theater’s production of “Sirens” will warm your heart as the winter weather chills your bones. We saw this play on a snowy evening and I can tell you that we walked away feeling happily entertained.

The story follows Sam Abrams as he struggles to make sense of his life, perhaps it is a bit of a mid-life crisis? His loving and supportive wife, Rose, finds it hard to be there for Sam as he explores the world of social media and the connections he is making online.

In an effort to rekindle the relationship they decide to take a cruise, this is indeed a decision that will forever change them. On the cruise, Sam encounters a Siren and with that discovers.. well perhaps you should see the play to find out just what he discovers?

This is a fun and funny production and if you have been to RAT you know that this small theater provides a very intimate experience for the audience.

Check out some of the photos from “Sirens”

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The production is rock solid, from the simple and beautiful set to the talented and dedicated cast and director.

“Sirens” is written by Deborah Zoe and directed by Doug Mishler.


Sara Mackie as Rose 

Christopher Blumen as Sam

Caulder Tempel as Richard

Alexis Brandt as the Siren

“Sirens” plays through February 24th, 2019.

For more information on dates and times check out RAT’s website:


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