Backstage Review: ‘The Artificial Jungle’ at Restless Artist Theater

What do you get when you mix a disinterested wife with an ineffectual husband and overbearing mother with a generous amount of deadly fish? “The Artificial Jungle” answers that very question.

~Photos and Review by Dana Nollsch~

The story is clever and engaging with a mix of love, passion, and hatred. Taking place in a pet shop, “The Artificial Jungle” tells the tale of Roxanne and the dead-end life she is living working in her husband’s pet shop. She is looking for a way out and her prayers are answered when a stranger, Zack, comes into the store looking for a job. The story continues with Roxanne planning her way out and with the help of Zach, they execute the plan with dark and hilarious results.

The cast play their parts wonderfully in this dark comedy that may have a bit of a bit transparent storyline but makes up for that with more laughs than you would expect out of carnivorous fish.

Here are a few photos to give you just a taste of what you will see at “The Artificial Jungle”.

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This may not be a play to take children to as there are some sexual situations and a fair amount of dismemberment, much to the joy of the piranhas who live in the pet shop.

“The Artifical Jungle” is directed by Rachel Steinman and was written by  Charles Ludlam.


Roxanne Nurdiger is played by Rachel Douglass

Chester Nurdiger is played by Cory Hawkins

Mother Nurdiger is played by Kathy Welch

Zachary Slade is played by Caulder Tempel

Frankie is played by Jake Steinman

The Piranhas are played by Lynn Hull

“The Artifical Jungle” plays through January 27th at Restless Artists Theater.

For more information check out their website:

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