Backstage Review: ‘The play about a Dick’ at Good Luck Macbeth Theater Company

Who are we? Maybe we are all Dicks? “The Play about a Dick” has more in store than you might expect.

~Revew and Story by Dana Nollsch~

“The Play about a Dick” premiered in Prague as a full production late last year and now has its US premiere, right here in Reno at Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company. Written by Aaron Wilton, The play about a Dick may not be what you expect, but you will feel the intense emotions that are examined in this 90-minute production.  I found myself laughing uncomfortably from time to time as these deeper subjects are explored and trigger points were pushed with hints of cynicism.


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Enid is looking for love on Craig’s List, the results are quite unimaginable.  Murray is looking for validation, he is not ready for what Enid has for him. To tell you more would quite possibly spoil the surprises and twists “The Play about a Dick” has in store.

The cast is wonderful in roles that seem to require some deep soul acting. I am impressed with this ensemble cast and their ability to address such a powerful story.

The play about a dick has adult subjects that may be a bit disturbing, including suicide, and bullying.

This is Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company’s Artown show and with that, they are offering something special.

Go see “The Play about a Dick” if you are looking for a Dark Comedy with the emphasis on dark.


Enid, Played by  Evonne Kezios

Murray, Played by  Jim Godwin

Birdy, Played by  Darcy Lenardson

Margi, Played by  Ashley Marie James

Magnus, Played by  Tyler Allen

Duck, Played by  David Richards

Production Team

Director: Amanda Alvey

Assistant Director: Joe Daniel Montelongo

Managing Director: Christopher Daniels

Producing Artistic Director: Joe Atack

Associate Producing Artistic Director: Bill Ware

Stage Manager: Jacqueline Fisher

Assistant Stage Manager: Castle Paige

Costume Design: Lyndsey Langsdale & Lain Snyder

Set Design: Bill Ware

Lighting Design: Bill Ware

Sound Design: Joe Atack

Poster Design: Matthew McDowell

Music Supervisor: Ashley Marie James

Tech: Miguel Diaz

Crew: Stacy Rose Lott

For More information about Good Luck Macbeth check out their website:

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