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Backstage Review: ‘Violet Sharp’ at Reno Little Theater

The entire country and perhaps the world was on pins and needles, waiting for any news about the fate of the Lindbergh Baby. One night in 1932, Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr was abducted from his warm bed and later found dead not far from their home. In the months and years that followed there was a ceaseless search for answers to the questions that were indeed never fully resolved.

“Violet Sharp” is the story of one of the many suspects that the authorities focused on to find the answers that even to this day allude us. She was a servant in the Lindbergh house and she had many secrets. There was her search for love and comfort that led the authorities to see her as someone who knew more than she was telling. As the story goes, Violet indeed was far less than forthcoming when interrogated by the very aggressive investigators.

Experiencing this play I found myself feeling the lack of control that the underclass in the 1930s must have felt, servants were treated as just that, servants, and the treatment of Violet was indeed deplorable. The actors are powerful in their performances feeding the audience the emotions of this outstanding play.

Katie Hughes and Blair Anthony build an adversarial relationship much like a game of chess.

Katie Hughes plays Violet with a vulnerability and power that is palatable. Blair Anthony plays Captain Walsh, the detective who won’t let go of the feeling that Violet knows more than she is telling. The energy between these two is at times violent, feeling like a chess game that will have no winner.

I was not sure if I would truly enjoy “Violet Sharp” when I read about it before seeing it but I can tell you that I did enjoy the play very much. I recommend seeing “Violet Sharp” to anyone who is looking for a very well written play with powerful acting.

Check out some photos from “Violet Sharp”.

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Written by: William Cameron
Directed by: Jim Bernardi


Katie Hughes as Violet Sharp
Jayna Orchard as Adela
Scott Sarni as Charles Lindbergh
Bernadette Garcia as Betty Gow
Amanda McHenry as Anne Lindbergh
Brittany Carpenter as Edna Sharp
Chad William Michael as Septimus Banks
Bob Ives as Colonel Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr
Moira Bengochea as Laura Hughes
Myron Freedman as Sgt. John McGrath/Ernie Miller
Blair Anthony as Captain Harry Walsh
Kathy Welch as Nurse

“Violet Sharp” plays at Reno Little Theater through March 24th, 2019.

For detailed information on dates and times check out RLT’s website:




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