Blaze Pizza, Order # 96

By Mark Gammon

As my many of my favorite followers know, I usually write about the experiences and people associated with our local “ Food Truck” scene in Northern Nevada, but this time I dive into the restaurant scene with a review, or rather an opinion, of what’s going to be a huge 360* flip on one of America’s favorite foods….PIZZA.

When I got invited to lunch at Blaze in the Scheels center, I really wasn’t expecting anything except Pizza. I was wrong on so many levels and here’s why. Blaze Pizza has a line of customers some experienced, some new such as myself who are watching this process of making pizzas and wondering when will it be my turn to get up to the starting spot. It didn’t take long as this well-oiled machine knows how to make pizzas. I waited maybe 5 minutes before my lunch mate and I were greeted by an over the top friendly girl who still has a passion for her job and does it well. I’ve already perused the menu and decided on the BBQ chicken. Wow was I mistaken in thinking this was all I had to decide about? My pizza crust was pressed before my eyes and my name attached to a sheet placed next to my empty pizza. A blank canvas waiting for the perfect creation to appear. I watched as the next person called me by name and confirmed my selection. This was another young energetic guy who suggested options unheard of in mortal pizza factories. BBQ Chicken usually doesn’t come with sauce and so I asked about adding Marinara sauce first then the chicken, then the cheese,“ Sounds great” said the guy. Now here’s where it gets interesting. He asked if I wanted any other meats? “ Is there an upcharge” I quipped. “Absolutely not “! He suggested bacon crumbles. Perfect! And it wasn’t just waived over the top. I got Lots…

My pizza slid down the assembly line to you guessed it, another young guy who’s in charge of veggies. I wanted artichokes, mushrooms, extra onions, jalapenos, and more onions. I lost track of the other ingredients but it makes no matter. Now to the cashier and the really big stone oven. I’ll get to the cashier in a minute. These guys and gals are putting in and taking out personal sized 10” pizzas like Detroit. Takes about another 5-6 minutes, giving me enough time to grab a water and find a table.

Once the pizza is done you are offered a topping sauce like the BBQ sauce I was supposed to get, but I decided on a thick balsamic vinaigrette which turned this already perfect pizza into a complete do-over.

I’m back to the cashier. I really didn’t think one way or the other about the cost. I wanted it and I was going to have my pie.  Under $ 10.00 with tax. I’ll give you a half a minute to think about that. I had a terrific experience with the staff, watched my amazing personal pizza made right in front of me with fresh ingredients, and ate the whole thing.

This is going to be a -go-to stop- when I’m over there. I understand there’s another location down on South Meadows and I’m anxious to visit that location also.

For more information about Blaze Pizza check out thier website:

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