Cowgirl Up (Part Two)

By Norm Robins

Here is part two of this delightful digital podcast of a wonderful theatrical performance from Canada.

This is a collaborative effort of the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Alberta Theater Projects. The world premiere was just getting ready to go into rehearsal when the current virus hit, and the performing arts world shut down.

It’s day 2 at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Red Deer, Alberta. Cassidy is doing great. The advice of the three cowgirl goddesses took. She did what the goddesses told her to do, and her performance brought wild, unrestrained cheers from the audience. She won to the unrestrained cheers from the three goddesses!

The third day of competition is tomorrow. The goddesses tell Cassidy to get a good night sleep and prepare for the day ahead. She complains. Don’t I get to go out and celebrate my win? No, say the goddesses. Stay here with Starbright.

Hubris sets in. She won. She is going to celebrate. Cassidy goes out for a night on the town. At a local bar she picks her poison, Jack Daniels neat. Oh oh. She meets cowboy Jed who depreciates cowgirls by referring to barrel racing as can chasing. Unoffended, she buys him a drink. Girls aren’t supposed to buy a real man a drink, so he says the next one round is on him. And we are off to the races, so to speak.

Then the sun comes up. It always does. Ouch! Cassidy is hung over big time. Starbright is in no great shape either. Will her long night of dissipation and neglect of her horse ruin Cassidy’s chance to win again and go on to the Calgary Stampede, or will the cowgirl goddesses save the day? We will find out in part 3.
Here is a link to the podcast:

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