“Death by Design” Kills it

~Photos and Story by Dana Nollsch~

The setting is 1932 in an English country manor where a cast of characters come together, each with an agenda of their own.

At the center of this tale is a couple with their roots in the theater, Edward, and Sorel Bennett, he is a playwright and she is an actress. The relationship between Edward and Sorel is equal parts passion and loathing.

Add to this a crabby maid, a charming chauffeur, a conservative politician, a young radical, an artistic bohemian woman, and a sweet naive young woman and you get Murder.

This” Who Done It” tale is fun and very entertaining indeed, with a cast that will keep you laughing and leave you uplifted, the perfect play to enjoy in the dead of winter. Be aware that there are loud gunshots during the performance so be prepared for that.

First performed in 2011, and written by Rob Urbinati, “Death by Design” is an homage to the great writers Noel Coward and Agatha Christie.

The costuming is spot on and adds to the feeling of the 1930’s. The cast is wonderful with an interplay that will bring you smiles and laughter. The set is perfect for this fun play. There are no weak points to Reno Little Theater’s production of “Death by Design”.

As I am writing this I see that the opening night is sold out, this promises to be a sold-out run so get your tickets now.

Directed by: Ryan Costello

CAST (in order of appearance):

  • Evonne Kezios as Bridgit
  • Johnny Berriochoa as Jack
  • Michael Peters as Edward Bennett
  • Darcy Lenardson as Sorel Bennet
  • Jeff Chamberlin as Walter Pearce
  • Scott Hernandez as Eric
  • Kelsey Varahachaikol as Victoria Van Roth
  • Katie Hughes as Alice

with Anna Christine as the understudy for Victoria Van Roth

Opening night is March 9th and “Death by Design” runs through March 25th at Reno Little Theater.

For more information check out Reno Little Theater’s website: http://renolittletheater.org/

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