‘Fin & Filet’ celebrates their new name with samples of exotic and tantalizing cuisine.

‘Fin & Filet’ celebrates their new name with samples of exotic and tantalizing cuisine.

Last night “Fin & Filet” opened their doors to a few very lucky people to celebrate their name change, they were known as Feast, but things happened that precipitated the new name, but that is not what we are here to talk about.

Ken Long, the owner of “Fin & Filet” showed his guests hospitality by serving up delicious and exotic fare. On the menu were such items as Duck Breast, Elk Steak, Ahi Tartare, Foie Gras, and Alligator Spare Ribs. I can say that I enjoyed everything, especially the Alligator.

Let’s talk about the alligator; first, the sauce was sweet and salty with a hint of Cajun to balance it out. The meat was perhaps best described as a blend of chicken with fatty pork; I found the combination of the sauce and alligator meat to be addictive in a very delightful way.

“Fin & Filet” is not just about the exotic fare, the menu offers a tempting selection of seafood, steak, exotic selection, soup and salad, and even vegan meals.

Ken shared with me how he found his career in the food industry. At a very young age, he started working for Bill Harrah at Harrah’s, working his way up from the laundry to server to the kitchen and then being groomed to be a powerfully talented chef. This history shows in every tempting bite of brilliantly balanced food.

Everyone last night had a great time with great food and drink as well as the camaraderie of people who really love good food.

~Photos and story by Dana Nollsch~

Here is a link to “Fin & Filet’s” website, check out the menu: http://www.finfiletreno.com/





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