Food Truck of the Week – Carolina Kitchen and Barbeque Co.

  1. ~Review by Mark Gammon~

As I get deeper into the Food Truck culture, one thing has become very clear, it takes time and effort to continually produce good food that can be prepared quickly and is reasonably priced. Many of these articles have focused on foods that are created on the spot without much fuss, but when it comes to anything with the name “Barbeque” in it, I know it probably means long hours of preparation and consistent attention to detail. This is perhaps most evident with the great crew at the Carolina Kitchen Barbeque Truck.

Doug, the truck’s manager has a diverse background, he has done everything from bussing tables to construction and has a gruff but an endearing manner that customers love. Doug is always focused on what needs to be done next to make the food amazing and consistent. Doug’s girlfriend, Chelsea, usually accompanies him to Food Truck Fridays, which gives them a little more time together. She’s the bar supervisor at Carolina and is somewhat understanding of his long days….he says…

Clay Cobb, the owner of Carolina Kitchen, and Doug spend approximately 12-14 hours a day smoking ribs, briskets and chicken for both operations. And long hours is what it takes to infuse the amazing flavors associated with their food. Throughout the day they find time to make their own sauces, coleslaw, and potato salad.

Carolina’s food truck has been on the road promoting the back home operation for over ten years with
Clay handling the duties for the first three years of operation. Doug wandered away from the daily grind of the restaurant business for a few years, but was there for the call of duty if needed and has been running the truck for the past seven. They do events and catering at good prices and attract a following of faithful BBQ lovers – “Carolina Style” according to Doug.

On this visit with Doug, I asked him “What’s the best seller”, which he quickly says it’s his re-done creation of a Carolina Kitchen favorite, the loaded fries but with a twist. It’s the Dougie Mac Fries. You just have to try it to appreciate the unbelievable flavors in this combination. French fries piled up in a container covered with serious Mac and Cheese and topped with slow cooked pulled pork to give it a great texture. Then Carolina’s BBQ sauce is drizzled on this pile of goodness. It’s a sinful creation that just pleases and satisfies.

Carolina’s restaurant is located at 950 Glendale Ave in Sparks

(775) 359- 4776

Mark Gammon is a local freelance contributor who owns Rocksport Indoor Climbing Center and The Pinnacle Portable Climbing Wall. Mark and his crew are regulars at Food Truck Fridays and can be seen around town at many events.


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