Food Truck of the Week – Ceol

~Photos and article by Mark Gammon~

Not all food trucks feature food, this week we feature one of Reno’s favorite trucks featuring libations to cool you on that hot summer’s night and lift your spirits.

Ron McCarty is a warm, friendly, and gregarious person with an infectious work ethic and a never slow down attitude. Ron owns Ceol food truck and Ceol Irish Pub. Here we ask him a few questions about his truck and more.

What made you get into the world of food trucks?

Ceol beer truck is a logical extension of Ceol Irish Pub and the two work hand in hand satisfying the thirsty residents of Reno.

Do you have a Brick and Mortar store?

Ron owns and operates Ceol Irish Pub on Virginia St. He uses his one of a kind truck to offer not only great beers but a delicious Hard Lemonade and really crisp Sangria. Ceol is a bit different operation in that there isn’t a food item at either the pub or at the truck.

How long have you been in business?

Although Ron seems to be a bit fancy-free, he’s all business. His background ranges from bussing tables to running Jeremiahs, one of the greatest steakhouses Reno ever had, to working years at Mt. Rose where he was in charge of everything that happened on the hill.  Ron opened Ceol Irish Pub in 2007 and opened Tapas in 2010 which, although extremely successful was only open for a few short years due to some leasing issues.

Describe in a few words what makes your truck different?

Friendly, fast, service model. Ron clearly enjoys people and knows that people don’t want to stand in line very long to get a beer. His staff manages to keep a friendly face no matter the crowds.

What’s your best selling item?

Smithwick ’s seems to be a solid crowd favorite. A wonderful Irish Ale with a smooth taste. Great for sipping and wandering through the food trucks or at the tables at Ceol’s beer truck.

How is the Brick and Mortar experience different than the food Truck experience?

A food truck event doesn’t give many people the chance to chat with Ron or for that fact any of his quick-witted staff, but in my estimation, that’s what makes his truck unique. The pub is just that….a great Irish Pub, with the feel and décor of a local hangout in Ireland. Food can be ordered from a selection of places in Reno if you want to eat, but Ceol is a place to sit and chat. No T.V.’s, no video poker to distract you. Ceol’s, dare we say Irish Truck, has the same feel, just outside. It’s a frenzied operation pouring beers and other favorites to keep you cool.


Summary: Ron speaks highly of the other beer vendors that are at most of the food truck events around Reno, and praises anyone who’s in the food truck business. Ron knows the time and dedication it takes to keep up with the summer pace.





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