Food Truck of the Week – ‘M&Ms Southern Café’

~Review by Mark Gammon~

I recently sat with Mitch Moore, one of the most humble people I’ve met in quite a while. He is a salt and peppered, gentle man whose love for his food and his craft are evident on his face and in his dishes. Mitch says with great confidence that it’s Soul Food. He explains that Soul Food is from the soul and good for the soul.

My articles are about Food Trucks and the food and people that make them unique, but this blend of talent somehow transcends beyond just Food Trucks.

Mitch is a former barber who one day decided to fix up a food truck and park it outside his barbershop.  I don’t think it took him very long to figure out that the Southern Style Cooking was bringing in some serious business and he couldn’t do both. Along with his wife Geishula and their kids, the Moore’s opened their first restaurant about 14 years ago.

Mitch has had his latest food truck for about two years now and it rolls to select locations mostly during the warmer months. He knows that his main focus is M&M’s Sparks location at 820 Holman Way, but those fortunate folks who see the bright M&M Food Truck are in for some great tastes on the go.

Taught by his mother, Mitch’s Southern food represents his upbringing and the style his mother’s restaurants served when he was growing up. Mitch says it’s still a competition between him and his mom!

M&M smokes their meats a few times a week for both the restaurant and food truck, and their brisket is melt in your mouth delicious, but it’s not what they call their specialty. Fried Chicken and fish are what keeps them on the map. Mitch uses cornmeal to coat the fish and it is light and fresh. He serves mostly Cat Fish but sometimes there’s Cod or whatever strikes his fancy.

Keeping the menu simple on the food truck helps to keep the line moving quickly so you can sit and enjoy – it’s food that is meant to be enjoyed slowly. Paired with several side options including Fried Okra, Coleslaw and Macaroni & Cheese, Hush Puppies, and more,  this food truck fare is truly Soul Food.

Mark Gammon is a local freelance contributor who owns Rocksport Indoor Climbing Center and The Pinnacle Portable Climbing Wall. Mark and his crew are regulars at Food Truck Fridays and can be seen around town at many events.


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