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Food Truck of the Week – ‘Wedge on Wheels’

I am constantly amazed at the creativeness of the folks who own and run Food Trucks. It seems as though there is a limitless amount of different food types and beverages available to those lucky individuals who come to these events.

~Review by Mark Gammon~

As I have already written about several amazing experiences, I’m still finding new people and ideas. No-one is more creative than “Wedge on Wheels” (formerly The Wedge), a literal wedge-shaped food trailer selling cheeses, meats and oils and vinegars. O.k. just the front is wedge-shaped, giving the illusion of a wedge of cheese. Inside this wagon is a full deli type shop.

Photo provided by Wedge on Wheels

I was invited into this cool shop by its owner Laura Conrow, a former midtown alum who finally decided that rents and parking were more of a detriment to her business than the address provided. Sure, there are great food possibilities abounding in the area and if you care to wander through the district you will find awesome meals and beverages. But for a shop that relies heavily on walk-in traffic for business, it’s a bit tough.

Laura’s background is interesting and diverse stemming from a decade-old food allergy which brought her to learn about different cheeses and items she could eat. Stints at the California milk advisory board and Whole foods to mention a few that have honed her interesting background.

Photo provided by Wedge on Wheels

Laura packed up the equipment and hit the road, or skies as it were, to experience some of the areas of the world where fine cheeses, meats, and oils she was selling were produced while deciding here future. Laura says the idea of a mobile business had always been the plan and visiting several mobile units throughout her travels solidified her intentions.

After her nearly one year hiatus, Laura commissioned an amazing trailer designed to fit her former cold cases and refrigerators, and the mountain of equipment she needed to run this like her brick and mortar location. It’s really nice….o.k. It’s amazing inside. Sleek walls, a checkerboard floor and lots of counter space abound.

Laura is talkative and fun with a mindful eye on getting the mobile operation ready for the people who come to look and buy. I was fortunate to try some incredible Chevoo cheese on a fresh baguette which I honestly have to admit caused me to purchase same. I’m an easy mark. She’s really good at explaining everything, I also purchased some other items in the hopes of pretending like I could remember all the information she imparted me with when I got home.

Photo provided by Wedge on Wheels

I have used the description “ Different” in many of my articles, and I won’t stop here. Laura and her former Wedge manager,  Aracelli Barrera, have a way of making customers comfortable and both of these knowledgeable ladies know their stuff. They know what pairs with this and that and have great suggestions.

Customers can purchase whatever amount of the delicacies they want just like a deli counter and the quality is off the charts. They also create custom cheese and charcuterie platters for any occasion. Laura also prepares sandwiches and veggie plates as well.  It’s bringing the store to the masses and it works. Sometimes, well actually it’s always the experience that brings customers back and I’m right there.  Apparently, there are plenty of people who were disappointed when the original Wedge location closed as I am discovering but fear not she’s as close as Food Truck Fridays at Idlewild and many other locations around town. Her online calendar will keep you up to date. It’s a wonderful experience.

Here is the current schedule:

Tues – Sparks Methodist Farmer’s Market 8am-1pm
Wed – Feed the Camel Food Truck event 5-8: 30 pm
Thurs – 39 North Downtown Sparks 4-9pm
Fri – Food Truck Fridays, Idlewild 4-9pm
Sat – Tamarack Farmer’s Market 9am-1pm
2nd Saturday of the Month – Cold Springs Market 10am-3pm

For more information check out their website:

Mark Gammon is a local freelance contributor who owns Rocksport Indoor Climbing Center and The Pinnacle Portable Climbing Wall. Mark and his crew are regulars at Food Truck Fridays and can be seen around town at many events.


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