Lavender, Lavender Everywhere

By Norm Robins

Video by Dana Nollsch

The Edge Nightclub at the Peppermill was festooned everywhere with lavender.  There were lavender decorations, lavender hats, lavender dresses, even lavender lipstick (where did those women get that stuff?) as the Brüka Theater threw it first ever annual Lavender Ball Saturday.  There were also conviviality and good times in abundance.

The festivities started out with music by The Embers.  There were silent auction items on tables on the way into the nightclub.  Light snacks and scrumptious desserts were on hand and plentiful.  Drinks could be ordered at the bar, and coffee and lemonade were served, also plentiful.  Riley McKinney who played Mary Warren in their recent production of The Crucible was on hand in a mime costume taking photos for the audience.  As Mary Warren, Riley was thrown around onstage like a rag doll.  She seemed to enjoy the relative quietude and lack of athleticism of being a photographer instead.

Jesse James Ziegler treated the audience to an inspired, passionate poetry reading.  Then the cast of Brüka’s upcoming production of Victor/Victoria performed two musical numbers from the play.  Awards were given to people who made major contributions to Brüka’s success.  And the party went on from there into the night.

The Lavender Gala is the start of this years fundraising for Bruka. Funding for the Arts has been quite the struggle for small theaters like Bruka and it seems that many of the funding avenues for the Arts are dwindling. The arts add to the quality of life for all of us and deserves our support.

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