Backstage Review:  ‘Legally Blonde’ a Production of Sierra School of Performing Arts

Power and determination alone may not get you where you want to be, surrounded by her friends, Elle finds that her future may not be what she thought it would be.

~Photos and Review by Dana Nollsch~

“Legally Blonde “ is a big production with a cast of over 50 and a live band, not to mention the intricate set. There is a lot going on in this show.

This is a is a high energy musical that I found entertaining, the smile never left my face and there was no part of the performance disappointed. The performers are perfect for the roles they play and combining that with the music give these talented actors a perfect vehicle to share their talents. I cannot say enough about the talent on stage and how well they sing and dance the story for the audience.

Now, let’s look at the stage and setting. The performances are at the Robert Z. Hawkins Amphitheater, outdoors and beautiful the Hawkins Amphitheater is a great place to experience a show. The beautiful setting combined with a stage that works like a transformer, twisting and combining in many different formations, perfectly setting the stage for the next scene. The set design is thanks to Chad Sweet and Danny Sturtevant. Staying on the technical side lets give kudos to Kent Vizina for some of the best lighting I have seen. I have a feeling I could go on and on about the technical elements of this production, let’s just say the flow of the production blends with the story smoothly and unobtrusively.

Do you know the story of “Legally Blonde”? Well, in a nutshell.. A beautiful and smart girl falls in love with her high school sweetheart and plans a life with him. He has more ambitious plans, so her plans change as well. Her new plans to win him over include following him to Harvard to be with him in college. This move brings many revelations to her and once again her plans change as she finds new friends and talents she never could have thought she had.

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will see.

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The cast is led by Elise Van Dyne playing Elle Woods, the young woman forming the foundations of her future.  Elise keeps the audience’s attention as she sings, dances,  and plays Elle’s story to perfection.

This is truly an ensemble cast and each cast member deserves to be recognized as well as the production crew and orchestra, so here is the list.


 Elle Woods                                         Elise Van Dyne

Emmett Forrest                                Adam Semas

Warner Huntington III                   Cody Hamilton

Professor Callahan                          Jim Young

Paulette Buonafonte                      Sophie Moeller

Brooke Wyndam                              Amanda Boman

Vivienne Kensington                      Amelia Giles

Enid Hoops                                         Kate Clement

Serena                                                  Katie Hughes

Margot                                                  Mary Snelgrove

Pilar                                                       Rachel Smith

Kyle/Nikos                                          Grant Humason

Carlos                                                    John Paul Rivard

Grandmaster Chad                          Jordan Turner

Store Manager/Judge                    Cindy Sabatini

Dad/Winthrop                                   Michael Peters

Kate                                                      Lupe Alvarez

Aaron Schultz                                    Reuben Roberts

Sundeep Padamadan                     Nguyen Doan

Chutney                                               Amy Nielson

Salesperson/D.A. Riley                  Judy Davis Rounds

Lowell/Dewey/ Guard                   Keith Lightfoot

Pforzheimer/Kiki                              Daniel Owens

Mom                                                      Julie Tatem

Whitney                                               Hannah Sloane

Stenographer                                    Kimberly

Richman TV reporter                      Ariel Quinain

Bruiser                                                  Tilly

Rufus                                                    Tag


Sydney Barber, Amanda Boman, Lindsay Chong, Riley Dion, Nguyen Doan, Jennifer Flynn, Elijah Frederick, Allison Gunderson, Malea Hoffman , Denny Hope, Grant Humason, Anna Leff, Madison McCluney. Taytum McCluney, Amy Nielson, Andrew Nielson,  Daniel Owens,  Ariel Quinain,  Kimberly Richman, John Paul Rivard, Reuben Roberts, Judy Davis Rounds, Hannah Sloane, Robin Soli, Tara Spencer, Julie Tatem,  Jordan Turner


Director                                                Janet Lazarus

Music and Vocal Director              Terry Thompson

Choreographer                                 Amanda Flocchini

Asst. Choreographer                      Eve Allen Garza

Production Manager                      Judy Davis Rounds

Stage Manager                                 Riley Kveton

Asst. Stage Manager                      Paige Tatem

Scenic Designer                                Chad Sweet

Costume Designers                         Deborah Morrison, Lyndsey Langsdale

Lighting Designer                             Kent Vizina

Sound Engineer                                James Cavanaugh

House Manager                                Lauri Mendoza

Technical Director                            Danny Sturtevant

Props                                                    Lori Ashley, Lauri Mendoza

Rehearsal Pianist                              Terry Thompson

Set Construction                              Danny Sturtevant

Stage Crew                                         Kyle Fuqua, Damien Fernandez, Soren Alderman,  Alexis Serratos, Dennis Ramirez

Seamstresses                                    Stephanie Leff, Deborah Morrison

Marketing and Public Relations Davis Rounds Advertising & Marketing

Graphic Design                                  Kunder Design Studio

Photography                                      Mark One Productions, Bill Quinby


Piano                                                     Terry Thompson

Keyboard                                            Eric Kao

Bass Alex                                             Breckenridge

Drums/Percussion                           Ryan Burt

Trumpet                                              Russell Lenhard

Flute                                                      Greta Sturm

Trombone                                           Phillip Jerome

Clarinet/Alto Sax/Baritone Sax   Jennifer Day

Guitar                                                   Mark Sargent


Now that is some cast and crew!

“Legally Blonde” plays through September 1st

For detailed dates and times check out their website:

If you are interested in being part of their next performance the next auditions are coming up next Saturday, August 25 for their youth production of Seussical the Musical.

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