‘Mari Chuy’s’ ~ Bringing Food and Culture to Midtown

~Photos and Story by Tele Raack~

July means Artown and that means entertainment, the arts, good food and good times!   “Mari Chuy’s”, located at Sticks in Midtown Reno is hosting AL PASTOR ROTISSERIE ON THE PATIO, a free event from 5pm-9pm every Friday through the Summer!

Music and the aroma of Tacos al Pastor will waft through the air to greet you as you arrive. The spit-grilled pork is first marinated for hours, then cooked on a vertical rotisserie where it is infused with flavors of pineapple and onion creating a delectable flavor.

Ever present and there to make you feel right at home are Chuy, his wife, Maria and their staff who are devoted to serving up great food and cultural experiences!  Looking out at the gathering of people filling the tables out on the patio as well as the restaurant, Chuy smiled, taking it all in, and shared that this has been his vision and dream to bring people of all ages and cultural backgrounds together to enjoy the offerings of Mexican heritage including food, libations, and music.  Mission accomplished! Bravo!

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