Merry War Theatre Group has An Unforgettable Party and Fundraiser Event Coming Up!

The ‘Gender Bender Mashup,’ Fundraiser for Harvest of Hope.

It’s sexy, it’s sensual…it’s a party!

Join us at Liberty Food and Wine Exchange located at 100 North Sierra Street on Saturday, September 14th from 8:00 pm to Midnight. All proceeds from this event will help fund our 5th Annual Harvest of Hope Event – Thanksgiving for the Homeless.
In Past Years Harvest of Hope has been able to support many of those in need in our community.
1st Harvest of Hope (2015): 50 Meals, 50 Kindness Kits, 80 Articles of Clothing.
2nd Harvest of Hope (2016): 40 Cups of Coffee, 40 Stuffed Animals, 300 Articles of Clothing, 210 Kindness Kits, and 180 Meals.
3rd Harvest of Hope (2017): 473 Meals, 325 Kindness Kits, and over 800 Articles of Clothing.
4th Harvest of Hope (2018): Over 1,000 Articles of Clothing, 750 Kindness Kits, and 785 Meals.  
This year will be our 5th Annual Harvest of Hope Event – Thanksgiving for the Homeless. Our goal this year is to deliver 1,500 meals, Kindness-Kits and Clothing to those in need on Thanksgiving.
In order to reach our goal of 1,500 meals this year, we need your help to get there.  
Join us at the Gender Bender Mash Up Party to help us raises the fund we need to make this year’s Harvest of Hope successful.  
Our Gender Bender Mash Up Party is hosted by Liberty Food & Wine Exchange and we will have the whole place to ourselves.  
Dress in drag, dress as you are, dress as you’ve always liked to be.  You do not need to dress in drag for this event. Feel free to deck out, come casual, where your favorite night on the town outfit, or a full-blown costume. We want it all.   
We will have live music, dancing, drinks, a fabulous MC – Miss Ginger Divine, stand-up comedy, incredible gift baskets to auction off, and some of Reno’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will be auctioned off for a date.   
Our Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes include:  
– Mark Estee is a community leader and nationally recognized chef, dedicated to building a thriving restaurant culture and supporting the community. He is a wonderful father, entrepreneur, and famous chef who has been featured on The Food Network.    
– Sarah Colangelo  
– Dr. Randall Gates is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, also a Chiropractic Physician. He graduated Valedictorian of his class and currently runs two health and wellness offices “Gates Way to Health” one right here and Reno and one in Henderson. He is passionate about healing his patients in new and profound ways. He has a deep understanding of the mind and the body. He loves being physically active and eating healthy.    
– Chase McKenna is the Producing Artistic Director of Merry War Theatre Group, she also runs a full-time therapy practice. She is passionate about the community and helping others. She loves animals and long walks on the beach. She’s a go getter and a hopeful romantic at heart.
Liberty Food & Wine Exchange is located at
100 North Sierra St.  Reno, NV 89501   Find our more at or for more information call 775-848-9892    

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