Movie Review: ‘MA” A Different Kind of Mother

By Randy Pelish

Octavia Spencer in a career that spans 23 years may have played more nurses than any other actress.  You could not imagine a more unlikely movie star, that is until she won an Oscar for best-supporting actress in the 2011 movie The Help.  Since then this middle-aged lady has made up for lost time.  Her films may not all be Oscar winners, but her performances rarely miss.

And so it is with “Ma“, a 2019 revenge horror film that just might be the surprise hit of this summer.  Spencer playing a veterinarian tech this time out once again delivers.

She plays Sue Ann, a middle aged woman cruelly used and abused by her high school classmates who has been waiting 20 years for revenge.  She is determined to make them pay, and pay they do…in blood.

Spencer is a delightful demon who is simultaneously sweet and sympathetic and a perverted pathological murderess.  She clearly relishes this exercise.  This film is directed by Tate Taylor from a Scotty Landes script.  This genre film may entertain you as much as it did me.  It is rated R for all the usual reasons.  Enjoy!

Ma” is currently playing at theaters throughout the Reno area.

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