‘Mt.  Joy’  kicks off Rolling on the River

In this month of nonstop entertainment one of our favorite summer tradition returns, here are some photos of “Mt. Joy” at the opening of Rolling on the River.

~Photos and Article by David Rocco~

“Mt.  Joy” was a refreshing sound to have back at Wingfield Park for the  1st Rolling on the River during Artown  2018.  It was particularly nice to have a National  Touring Act back on the stage thanks to the partnership between  KTHX  Radio  100.1  and  Reno  News  &  Review.  “Mt.  Joy” has a great sound steeped in folk-rock tradition and powered by the intuitive, creative connection of all the band members.

These dreams are more than paper things,  sings  Matt Quinn on “Mt.  Joy’s”infectious folk-rocker Astrovan,  a  warm, yearning bit of road-trip philosophy that posits the existence of a  Deadhead Jesus cruising the dusty highways of the countryside.

“Mt.  Joy” started off as a rekindling of shared musical ambitions between Philadelphia high school friends Matt  Quinn  (vocals,  guitar)  and  Sam  Cooper  (guitar).  The pair met multi-instrumentalist Michael  Byrnes, and together,  with  Byrnes’  roommate  Caleb, they named themselves  Mt. Joy as an ode to a mountain in Valley  Forge  National Park near Sam’s childhood home.  As a group, they recorded three songs and sent them out into the world, hoping for the best.

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For more information on Rolling on the River check out the website:  https://renorollingontheriver.com/

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