“Nation of Two” at Bruka Theatre

~Review and Photos by Dana Nollsch~

Chase McKenna directs this Tom Burmester play with the passion and heart of a warrior.

“Nation of Two” takes a hard look at those left behind when the ultimate sacrifice of war comes knocking at the door. I found myself thinking of how war skews our perceptions as I was transfixed by this family drama.

The play opens with a visit to the Harper family as two soldiers come to the door with the worst news possible about the Harper’s son. From there we jump forward a year to see how the family is coping and moving forward after this devastating loss.

The family plans to spread the ashes of 24-year-old Lt. Michael Harper and remember him on this one-year anniversary of his death, they are joined by their son’s friend and fellow soldier (Sergeant Hal Taylor) who has yet to come to grips with his friend’s death. The spreading of the ashes bring up suppressed emotions and illuminate the way to move forward for the family members and for Sgt Taylor as well.

“Nation of Two” is based on true stories of families who have been touched by members of the family fallen in the service of our country. Tom Burmester has written a very deep and no holds barred look into this often forgotten part of war. This is one of the frankest and hard-hitting family dramas I have seen in the theater.

What makes this production even better is the cast and crew. Director Chase McKenna has brought together a very powerful group of actors who have equal parts talent and passion for their roles. This is one exceptional cast.


Lieutenant Stevens: Noel Tsuchiya

Captain Webber: Brian Ault

Ariel Harper: Jessey Richards

Dina Harper: Ender Riddle

Sophia: Chase McKenna

Lilith Harper: Cami Thompson

Sam Harper: Jon Lutz

Sergeant Hal Taylor: Greg Klino

Raphael: Brantly Compton

Lieutenant Butler: Vincent Rodriguez

Add to this the dedicated crew who work magic:

Producer: Mary Bennett

Stage Manager: Cassandra Michelle Moore

Assistant stage manager: Christine Lynn

Poster Design: John Frederick

Costume Design: Riley McKinney

Set Design: Lewis Zaumeyer

Lighting: David Simpson

Check out the photos and then go see “Nation of Two”

Playing March 16th through April 7th

For more information on showtimes check out Bruka’s Website: http://www.bruka.org/

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