What’s new at the Nevada Museum of Art in March 2018

~Photos and story by Dana Nollsch~

We took a nice leisurely stroll around the Nevada Museum of Art over the weekend. With new work on display, the Museum was buzzing with activity.

What’s new?

Marking the Infinite: Contemporary Women Artists from Aboriginal Australia

This is a thought-provoking show from nine Aboriginal women artists and their art inspired by nature and the life they live.

Hans Meyer-Kassel: Artist of Nevada

Hans Meyer-Kassel was a creative painter who lived quite a life and left the story of his life with his paintings.

I recommend spending some time fully absorbing his work and thinking about his life. Hans lived from 1872-1952 and journeyed from Europe to Nevada painting what he saw and what he felt.

The Body of a House: Paintings by Robert Beckmann

Fascinating and haunting, this series of eight, large-scale paintings by Robert Beckmann was inspired by the footage of a nuclear test and its destructive power on a single family home.

Check these exhibits at the museum as well.

The Nuclear Landscape

Art of the Greater West

Scholastic Art Awards 2018

Ugo Rondinone: Seven Magic Mountains

Trevor Paglen: Orbital Reflector

Andrea Zittel: Wallsprawl

Check out the photos to whet your appetite.


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