Note-able Music Therapy Services Soothes The Soul

~By Norm Robins~

Music is magnificent! It soothes the soul. It tames the savage beast. It unites people of different countries and different philosophies. I don’t need to speak German to be captivated by a Beethoven symphony. I can be the smartest person in the world or have a room temperature IQ. Either way, I can be put at peace with man and God listening to an old Ella Fitzgerald recording.

Music is more than that. It is necessary. Could you imagine a wedding without music, a Christmas season without music, or a military parade without music?

So does it come as any surprise that music is therapeutic, that music heals? Note-able Music Therapy, NMTS, has harnessed this magnificent engine for exactly that purpose. They work with the blind, the autistic, the stroke survivors, and the mentally disabled, to name a few, to make music and open all hearts to their fellow man. They even work with the Washoe County Jail. They normally work with 1400 patients/musicians/music lovers a year, but this year they are on track to hit 2000.

One example of their handiwork it the Note-ables Band seen performing in the nearby video. This is as diverse a group as you will find, but they are a team. They are a band of brothers and sisters. Their chemistry with each other is magical, and it shows.

Their drum circle is another example of their success. They have teamed up with Hub Coffee Roasters and owner Mark Trujillo to occasionally perform on the lawn outside Hub at 727 Riverside Drive in Reno. Want to give the drum circle a try? Please do. You will be warmly welcomed. In the Spring of 2020 when the weather turns nice they will be performing on the lawn outside Hub. We don’t have the details yet as they are now in the planning stages. Admission will probably be free. No experience is necessary, and drums are provided. Here are some helpful hints on participating:

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Norm Robins

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