Pelish at the Movies—’Official Secrets’

~By Randy Pelish~

A friend of mine from Chicago once asked me why I didn’t like Steven King. I replied that when I was a boy I did love horror films, but then I grew up and discovered the real monsters had two legs.

A case in point is Official Secrets. It tells the true story of whistle blower Katherine Gun, a British Intelligence specialist who discovers a memo in 2003 that proves the U.S.A. and U.K are working in concert to provoke a war with Iraq. She knows Tony Blair and George W. Bush are liars.

In violation of the U.K.’s Official Secrets Act she leaks the story. The Government brings charges against her but drops them when they realize they would be forced to turn over documents that prove they did lie.

This is a very cerebral film very much to my liking. Keira Knightley portrays the altruistic woman of conscience, and she is most convincing. The supporting players are all fine. Gavin Hood directed and co-wrote this fine film with the able assistance of Gregory and Sara Bernstein as well as Marcia and Thomas Mitchell.

It is a remarkable film, one that will bring little comfort to George W. Bush or Tony Blair. This war is still going on.

Official Secrets is currently playing at the Century Riverside 12 in Reno.

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