Opening Night of The BIGGEST Little Theatre and New Works Festival 2019

~By Dana Nollsch~

~Photos Provided by ZenMedia~

Bruka Theatre offers a weekend full of entertainment from some of Reno’s most talented writers, performers, directors, poets, and more.

Last night was opening night of this five-day festival, and it was quite the start with new work from Anna Christine, “Divorce Party.”

What happens when a couple who seems perfect from the outside decide to go their separate ways? Well, in “Divorce Party” they do just that, have a party to celebrate what they once had and mark their new beginnings.

There is a depth to this story, and the cast and the director decided that this new play deserved to be brought to the stage for the first time in a very powerful way. Originally this was going to be a reading of the work, but the cast and director brought it from a reading to a one-act play

“Divorce Party” is a wonderfully written and performed play. I am hopeful that we will see more from Anna Christine in the future.

Here is a short video where Anna tells us a bit about “Divorce Party.”

Here are some photos from the performance of “Divorce Party.”

There is much more to come this weekend at Bruka.

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