Pelish at the Movies , ‘Good Boys’

By Randy Pelish

Good Boys is very good fun. A coming of age film about 3 best friends, it is a delightful prepubescent portrait of 21st Century boys with 21st Century problems.

Much like the three musketeers it emulates, the three heroes must endure a frightening array of obstacles in pursuit of the “coolness” they are so passionate to attain.

I’m happy to report they succeed, perhaps not in the way they envisioned. But they succeed in making audiences roar with laughter throughout the entire 89 minutes of this well-deserved R rated romp.

Jason Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon create a juvenile ensemble that defies comparison. These boys are magical. Always earnest and never maudlin, these youngsters are in complete harmony. They are extraordinary. How they make us laugh is equally extraordinary.

Directed and co-written by Gene Stupnitsky with the very able assistance of Lee Eisenberg, Good Boys is a fine gift for summer audiences.

Good Boys is currently playing at movie theaters throughout the Reno area.

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