P’Opera! On Tap

Sierra Music Society is pleased to announce that the always popular P’Opera!”-pop to opera is planning a fun-filled evening with its P’Opera! On Tap” at Napa-Sonoma South in Reno at 7671 S. Virginia Street on Sunday, October 14th.  Treat yourself, your friends, and your family to a delightful evening as P’Opera!fills the room with a vast selection of popular and well-known songs.  There are two shows to choose from:  5 pm or 7:30 pm for $35 per person.  Order your food and beverages separately from a delectable selection of items at Napa-Sonoma South to complete the dinner/theatre experience.


This multi-talented group transcends all expectations with their beautiful voices, close harmonies, and fun choreography.  Performing to sold-out houses on a regular basis, their mission is to delight and entertain you.  If you are not yet a P’Opera!aficionado, you soon will be!  Please visit our website:  www.poperanv.org


Reservations may be made at our website or by calling 775-233-5105


Sierra Music Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit company

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