‘Reno Art Trek’ Portraits and Portfolios

December 18 2022

~By Dana Nöllsch~

“Reno Art Trek” has been absent for a few weeks due to Covid, but we are back and feeling great. This week we visited four galleries. One of these galleries is new to us. 

So let’s dive in and see what we saw.

The Depot

The Depot features the TMCC Portfolio Review with Samantha Reeves and Madeline Hambleton’s work this month. I have a soft spot for edgy and untethered art form artists who are not afraid to push boundaries, which is what Reeves and Hambleton do. 

Plan to be unhurried when you see this exhibition, as there is much to unpack in each piece.

Sierra Arts Gallery

Sierra Arts Gallery features Nature Photography by Dotty Molt and Dana Garrett. These photographers’ work varies from soft to textured and bright to wistful. I have seen this exhibition twice, enjoying it both times.

Nevada Wild by Lynn Starnes is also at Sierra Arts Gallery, and Starnes is one of those photographers who is constantly out in the field capturing the beauty of Nevada. Starnes’s love for the beauty of the outdoors and her desire to capture wildlife in their native habitat is apparent in her work. 

Savage Mystic Gallery

Currently on display at the Savage Mystic Gallery is James Gayles’s 50 Years of Expression. 

Gayles’s paintings have a magic that is hard to put into words, his work came to my attention less than a year ago, and since then, he has been showing his work frequently to much fanfare.

Gayles’s work was in three locations at the Reno Tahoe International Art Show. Walking through the RTIA show, there would be a portrait that caught my eye, and wouldn’t you know; it would be a work by Gayles.

Vivant Gallery

Vivant Gallery is new to me, and this was my first visit, and I found the artwork outstanding. They have prints and original artwork from many exceptional artists. So if you are looking for the perfect accent piece for your home and your tastes are old-school rock and classic cutting-edge photography and painting, this is the place. Vivant also has an exciting selection of art books that sparked my interest.

Vivant Gallery has a distinct feel. The art on display certainly reflects the vibe of the gallery very well. I recommend that you check them out. I plan to dive deeper into the art at Vivant soon.

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