Reno Art Trek October 15, 2022

~Photos and Article by Dana Nöllsch~

On today’s Art Trek, Michelle and I explore Abstract Realism, Classic Fonts, Cubism, Interesting Color Palettes, and intriguing Mixed Media.

First stop, John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art

Phyllis Shafer: The Nature of Time

Phyllis Shafer is a Plein-air Painter who, in this exhibit, explores the nature of time in landscapes. I found her representation of light as the seasons change fascinating and also how she represents the cycles of the seasons. Her work is both realistic and abstract in such a delicious way. 

We went on a Saturday, and the parking was easy and free. I recommend this exhibit highly. After you spend some time in the Museum, take a nice walk around the campus, this makes for a beautiful autumn afternoon.

A walk around the University

After we left the Lilley, we took a stroll around the campus and through the corridors. We found more intriguing art and, indeed, inspiration as well.

We were delighted to stumble on some abstract work by Austin Pratt. His work as Artist-in-Residence at Great Basin National Park features muted natural colors and intriguing shapes that reflect the organic art in our National Parks.

What the font

Just around the corner from Austin Pratt’s work is a student project on display that explores classic typefaces. In poster form, this delightful selection of student work is inspiring. 

Take a look, and I am sure you will agree.

Venturing into MidTown

One of the places to see inspired art in Midtown is The Savage Mystic Gallery, which we love to make a regular stop on our Art Treks.

This month The Savage Mystic is featuring the work of Nick Noyes. Noyes’s work features powerful imagery in a soft cubist style. His muted color palette adds to the moodiness of his paintings.

Sierra Arts in the Heart of Downtown

Sierra Arts never fails to have beautifully inspiring art. This month they feature paintings by Mahsan Ghazianzad and Maria Dante, with an artist reception on Thursday, October 20, from 6 to 8 p.m. They also feature The Golden Lining, A visual sound representation of My Deafness by Remy Glock.

Sierra Arts also has an annex room with more art from various artists. In addition, you will be greeted with a neon sculpture fresh from Burning Man.

On the way home from this Art Trek

We stopped to see Eric Brooks at the Depot Gallery in Sparks as we made our way home. The Depot Gallery features the art of Chelsea Houston. Photos do not do her work justice. Instead, you should see it in person to get the whole experience of what she creates.

In this exhibit, Houston uses Lambskin as her canvas, creating a sense of texture and depth. I am quite taken with her work.

To find out more about each of the venues, just follow the links in the article.

This was a wonderful outing, I can recommend every one of these galleries and each of the artist work. Get out and have your own Art Trek.

We invite you to make suggestions on where Art Trek should go next.

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