‘Ruthie Foster’ Artown 2019

~By David Rocco~

I had never seen Ruthie Foster before but had heard some of her music. To see her perform live is a totally different story. I had heard nothing but good about her and her powerful voice. This woman gets right into your soul and heart.

In the tightknit musical community of Austin, Texas, it’s tough to get away with posturing. You either bring it, or you don’t. If you do, word gets around. And one day, you find yourself duetting with Bonnie Raitt, or standing onstage with the Allman Brothers at New York’s Beacon Theater and trading verses with Susan Tedeschi.

From her Bio on her website:

All I can say is a BIG WOW for her performance at the new Nugget Events Center in Sparks. Thanks to the Nugget for opening this up for an Artown event. Sure it wasn’t filled to capacity, but the hundreds of fans that came to catch this free show were not disappointed. She had the crowd on their feet many times during her performance.

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