Scott Pemberton Band at Rollin on the River

Unique Guitar Style and High Energy Performances are the Hallmarks of the Scott Pemberton Band

~Photos and Review by David Rocco~

Last Friday 7/13/18 at Rollin on The River I saw The Scott Pemberton Band for the first time. I have heard nothing but good about this guy and his band. He has a different way of playing guitar that I had not seen very often. The way he lays it on a stool and plays it like a slide guitar was great. You don’t see very many players not using a guitar strap. His resting it on the stool to tear it up was different.

The many times he has played here locally at The Saint, he has filled the room every time. For a 3 piece band, they put out one great sound. I would almost put them in the category of a Power Trio.

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With a combination of rock, jazz, a bit of fusion and everything in between collide and fuse around the notion of discovery that jumps with ease from the composer to the listener.

You’ll hear elements of Jazz coming from Scott’s legit upbringing but it’s conveyed in a way that listeners of Funk, Blues, and Rock all can get equal enjoyment.

I will for sure not miss another performance of his when he comes back to the Reno area.

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