Send me to lunch: Twisted Fork

~Photos and Review by Gary Weinheimer~

Today was quite the treat. I was sent to the Twisted Fork by all of you and my lunch date was my lovely wife who was my best lunch date yet.

I had the Chicken and Brie Sandwich and she had the Guinness Fondue which I was able to sample. I have to say that the food was delicious and the service was stellar. The restaurant and bar were immaculate and there was plenty of staff to make any wait time negligible.
I would say that the food was well worth the price at roughly $30.00 for the two of us and I had no trouble tipping generously as our waitress made sure we wanted for nothing but was not overbearing.  There was also a very tempting selection of desserts, although we choose not to partake as we had a number of errands to still run that afternoon.
When we arrived the lunch crowd was just subsiding and it looked like they have a popular following so I would suggest going earlier or later if you can. The parking was generous and there was ample handicap accommodations available with van access.

I would highly recommend the Twisted Fork to anyone that wants an imaginative menu with good food and great service, it was definitely a cut above.  Marie and I give it two thumbs up and a full belly with intentions of returning soon.

Located at 1191 Steamboat Pkwy, Reno, NV 89521 in the RC Wileys shopping center

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