Send Me to Lunch: SK Noodle


~Gary Weinheimer~

Last week no one responded my requests for restaurant ideas so I made a command decision today based on my nasty cold.

When I’m feeling sick I always find my way to a hot extra, spicy bowl of soup and in this case, that means Vietnamese Pho. My go-to choice for this dish is generally SK Noodle on the corner of Pyramid and McCarren Blvd partially due to the ease of parking as well as their tasty food. The broth is very good and the noodles are well made and don’t ever cling together. I always have the number 8, Tripe and Tendon. (I told you guys, I’m a very adventurous eater) The atmosphere is pretty basic and the parking, while plentiful, has no handicap spaces nearby, but the food is well worth the minor inconvenience and there is plenty of seating.

Every culture has their “chicken soup” but for me, there isn’t anything much better than a bowl of Pho Noodles with plenty of good pepper oil for what ails you. Next time you’re feeling puny stop by and order a bowl or send your significant other down to pick up a to-go order and eat it at home, it will fix you right up.

SK Noodle

2955 N McCarran Blvd #104, Sparks, NV 89431


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