“Somewhere In Between” at Restless Artists Theatre Company

A story of love and self-discovery told in 10 scenes.

Jasper is tragically uncool, but with a fair amount of charisma that leads him to some very interesting situations. “Somewhere In Between” starts in the dark and ends with the promise of everlasting love, but remember that the true story lies somewhere in between.

This is a very fun play that I found reminiscent of the late 1960’s TV show Love American Style. Each scene is an independent story that blends to tell the bigger story. There is not a dull moment.

The cast brings a high level of fun to this entertaining story. Brandon Busselman plays Jasper, the young accountant living a solitary life in New York, but craving more out of life. Jasper starts the play by expressing his feelings about darkness, perhaps a metaphor for loneliness? During the 10 scenes, Jasper encounters a claustrophobic woman in a stuck elevator, wisdom from a homeless person, a saucy couple looking for adventure and more importantly a woman open for the discovery of love.

The rest of the cast plays a variety of roles, taking Jasper on this journey of discovery.  There are a lot more characters than cast so we see the actors in various roles; this is fun to see the range of each of the actors in this play.

The cast

Brandon Busselman

Sasha Johnson

Ilyana Hobson

Caulder Tempel

Rachel Douglass

John Venti

Directed by Doug Mishler

Written by Craig Pospisil

As you can see from the photos the set is minimal but effective. This is a story about the story not about the location so I found myself mesmerized by the nuances of the actors.

This is a fun and entertaining play that is perfect for a date night.

“Somewhere In Between” plays April 27th through May 13th

For more information, check out Restless Artists Theatre Company’s website:

~Photos and review by Dana Nollsch~



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