Special Met in HD Encore Presentation – The Magic Flute in Local Theatres Dec. 7, 2019; 12:55 p.m.

Lynne Gray, Ph.D. 

If you have been looking for the right opportunity to introduce your kids, or your grandkids, to opera – it’s here – don’t miss it!

Mozart’s enchanting fairy tale opera – The Magic Flute – will be in local cinemas on Dec. 7. The Met’s spectacular – and shortened – English language production features incredible sets, larger than life puppets, and amazingly costumed singers and dancers. This wonderfully innovative Julie Taymor production features Nathan Gunn as the irresistible Papageno – catcher of fantastical birds – in search of his Papagena, and Matthew Polenzani as Prince Tamino – in search of his destiny and his true love, Pamina (Ying Huang). Of course, there is evil to be overcome in the person of Erika Miklósa as the Queen of the Night – who could definitely hold her own against the likes of Maleficent or Bellatrix Lestrange.

After the evil Queen’s Ladies of the Night rescue Tamino from a fearsome dragon, he and Papageno set out to save her daughter, Pamina from Sarastro – the leader of a secret order which opposes the forces of the Queen of the Night.

It is truly a quest for justice and enlightenment — Tamino finds Pamina, but with her help must undergo trials by silence, fire and water to win her and to claim his princely destiny.

Meanwhile, the ever loveable, and somewhat spoiled, Papageno fails miserably at his trials, but is nevertheless granted his Papagena in a glorious happy ending that sees the final downfall of the Queen of the Night and her evil henchman, Monostatos.

A delight for the eyes and ears of the whole family. Enjoy!

~Lynne Gray, Ph.D. ~

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