Food Truck of the Week – ‘Still Rollin’

~Review by Mark Gammon~

~Photos provided by Still Rollin~

As I have tried to write concise articles about food Trucks I’ve often found it difficult to actually connect with many of the owners who are going a mile a minute with events. This smacks of the old adage of “ Making Hay while the Sun Shines”. This is no more evident than the extremely popular restaurant on wheels called “Still Rollin”. Now in its 5th year. It’s a clear play on words tying Food Trucks with the actual product they produce….Egg Rolls with a Twist.

Owner Regina Totten is a smart, bubbly woman who’s using her multi-tasking skills to create a unique food that’s a guaranteed favorite. With a degree in business finance, Regina explained this has helped her refine the operation and manage the daily tasks of buying, prep and employees. She’s married to Matt, a local contractor who takes care of the vehicle and whatever Regina asks him to do, but he’s smart enough to know that she’s the Food Truck boss.
Regina’s best friend and manager of “Still Rollin”Andie, and Brandi round out the crew and make it possible for the Still Rollin food Truck to operate on the rare occasion that Regina isn’t there.

Regina is another owner who always wanted to have a brick and mortar restaurant and decided to test the waters with a food truck. Regina has let it slip that there are some plans in the future to expand the business to a full-on eatery and I think Reno will embrace and support this idea. I’ll be there on opening day when it happens.

“Still Rollin” delivers a unique creation that’s just different. Several ideas went through the test period before they were added or deleted based on public appeal or difficulty to produce. Sushi was one of the original ideas that didn’t make the cut, and there’s probably a bunch more. But with the Truffle Fries and Ando Mando Buffalo Mac as a couple of their signature rolls, “Still Rollin” adds items depending on availability and the season. Every item is built fresh each time and it always tastes like she’s making it just for you.

Regina wants her clients to walk away excited to dive into the food and excited to sample other items.
“Still Rollin” caters Weddings and parties such as grand openings and corporate events and their online calendar tells it’s followers where they are going to be. I suggest you visit the site for great pictures and ideas on hosting your own event.
775-342- ( Roll) 7655



Mark Gammon is a local freelance contributor who owns Rocksport Indoor Climbing Center and The Pinnacle Portable Climbing Wall. Mark and his crew are regulars at Food Truck Fridays and can be seen around town at many events.


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