Take Five at Bruka Theatre

Take 5 – Friday, January 12th & Saturday, January 13th at 7 pm – the Bruka Theatre

Photos and story by Jesse James Ziegler

We can all take five minutes to learn about something new. We can all take five minutes to improve upon something that is already in our lives. We who live anywhere near Reno, Nevada can all benefit from the fact that the Bruka Theatre of the Sierra is celebrating its 25th season presently.
As part of their current season, the creative team behind the amazing arts venue came up with the idea of gathering local experts, artists, teachers, performers, and leaders to share their passions, their insights, their focus, and their realizations. The catch? Each of them would be given five minutes to do so. (And yes, they were timed)
The expectations were high, but they were met and exceeded. Each of the performers were able to infuse their presentations with humor, personal testimony, visual aids, and social relevance. Each of the performers were engaging, memorable, and intriguing. My biggest take away from the evening wasn’t the result of one particular performer’s carefully repeated phrase. It was actually something that I witnessed during both intermissions and immediately after the show let out: comradery.

The audience couldn’t wait to engage with the performers. The performers couldn’t wait to engage even more with the audience. Volunteers were able to ask working professionals personal questions. Working professionals were able to bounce ideas off each other. The technical aspects were handled in such a way that everyone present was elevated and inspired. Sculptors rubbed elbows with singers. Comedic improvisers had conversations with heads of publications. Technical directors made actors laugh. Community leaders were able to share fears with strangers. And strangers became friends.
This Biggest Little City of ours is a playground. Our leaders are accessible. We can participate in the activities. We can engage in the community and with the community. Our events remind us that art should be accessible, relevant, and timely. Bruka showed us that they continue to be a theatre determined to share beautiful stories, back stories, and memories along the way. Thank you for reminding us all to ‘Take Five’.

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