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Why we at ‘Reno Arts News’ do what we do

I didn’t invent this saying, but I thought I would pass it along to our loyal readers: If you don’t have beauty in your life you have nothing left but work, and who wants just that?

By Cameron Burnett

We don’t cover politics or City Hall or car crashes or murders. We don’t cover carbs or smoking or marijuana statistics. You won’t find any recommended diets on our Website. We don’t cover weddings, divorces, or circumcisions. We don’t cover protests, demonstrations, or riots. Truth be told, we don’t cover most things. We are, to my mind, the best online magazine in the Reno area dedicated solely to the arts, to beauty in all its forms. We do cover fine art, theater, and music. We cover great movies, opera, and ballet. If something lifts up the human soul to a higher level we try to cover it. If something is beautiful we try to cover it simply because of its beauty, nothing more.

Why? Most likely it is because everybody else is covering everything else. Who needs one more?

So what in life is beautiful? What lifts up the human spirit from our daily drudgery and makes it soar? I’m not going to tell you. We are going to show you. A dear friend sent me this video clip that was sent to her by a son who beyond doubt loves beauty as do we. Please watch it. It is the very essence of beauty. It will show you why we do what we do.

          Your faithful author Norm Robins


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