“The Open House” – Suburbia and Sarcasm Guide this Comedic Look into a Dysfunctional Family

The Open House” is Restless Artist Theater’s latest production playing from, February 9th through February 25th, 2018.

Will Eno wrote this award-winning play in 2014, taking the audience on a wild ride with a family, through the unexpected twists and turns during a celebration of the Mother and Father’s wedding anniversary.

The patriarch of the family is a quick-witted if not downright mean man who has run roughshod over his family for years. His control over the family is being tested by his ailing health. The father is played brilliantly by Blair Anthony, delivering his lines with a snap that brings the audience to laughter.

The long-suffering mother, played by Kathy Welch, shows that her coping mechanism is to shut down and let her husband have his way.  Kathy is superb in her emotionally unemotional performance.

The cast is rounded out by:

Danica Pierce as the Daughter.

James Miller as the Son.

Myron Freedman as the Uncle.

The cast is captivating as the characters experience unexpected changes.

Directed by Doug A. Mishler.

The performances are balanced and spellbinding as the story offers surprises and many delightfully unanswered questions.

You should go see “The Open House” is you are looking to be entertained with a likable family’s dysfunction, funny and irreverent I highly recommend “The Open House”

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will see.

~Dana Nollsch~

For more information check out Restless Artist Theater’s website:

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