The Royal Ballet Performs La Fille Mal Gardée Free Online

By Norm Robins

Warning to viewers: When the corona virus first reared its ugly head this year, the world’s first reaction to this incredibly infection and fatal disease was to shut almost everything down. Nevada was no exception. Performing arts companies all over the world responded by opening their libraries and streaming from them. The Metropolitan Opera and the Austrian State Opera went hell bent for leather doing this streaming a different opera every day. Some went for once a week or twice a week streaming, and some streamed for a full week. Some changed their minds after their announcements and didn’t stream at all.

Our cup runeth over. These library performances came at us so quickly and so furiously I couldn’t keep up with them all. That is changing now and changing quickly. The freebies are ending, and some companies have gotten wise. They know how to stream. They can do so from their libraries, and when they get back to live performances they will stream from their stages. But at some point they will all recognize this is a potentially lucrative revenue source. Then they will charge for viewing. When they do, we at will carry information on them. This is too precious a resource to let go.

Until then, please enjoy for free the Royal Ballet’s comic ballet La Fille Mal Gardée.

Lise and Colas are in love and want to marry, but the widow Simone doesn’t approve. Colas is a poor farmer. Simone want Lise to marry Alain. While Alain is a few bricks short of a full load, he is exceptionally wealthy. The marriage of Lise and Alain has been arranged by Alain’s father Thomas. When Alain, Thomas and the notary show up for the wedding ceremony they unlock the door to Lise’s room and find her dressed in her wedding dress, but to their chagrin they also find Colas there. Thomas, in high dudgeon, tears up the wedding contract. The three of them leave in a huff, but Alain forgot to take his much-loved red umbrella with him.

The widow Simone relents and allows love to conquer all. Alain returns to retrieve the love of his life, his umbrella.

There is so much to love in this ballet. It’s loads of fun, too. It truly should not be missed. The music is wonderful. The scenery is good. The dancing and choreography are spectacular, and it is funny as can be.

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