“The Tangled Skirt” at Restless Artists Theatre Company

~Photos and Review by Dana Nollsch~

“The Tangled Skirt” is a tale of intrigue in a Bus Station with a splash of Noir to add just the right amount of spice.

Taking place in a small town bus depot at 12:30 am, we find a woman anxiously waiting for the bus to arrive and a man who seems to have no filter for his brash thoughts. The two are alone in this uncomfortable location, as they seem to hit it off in a unique way. Add to this a nearby murder and you have a recipe for a very entertaining evening.

In many ways this is a cat and mouse who done it, but with a few twists.

“The Tangled Skirt” was written by Steve Braunstein and first performed at The New Jersey Repertory Company on December 4, 2010, and received an Edgar Award Nomination.

“The Tangled Skirt” is fun and you will be entertained.

Directed by:

Libby Schipper


Bailey Bryce- Tommy Vereen

Rhonda Claire- Rachel Steinman

Playing March 16th through April 1st.

For more information on showtimes check out Restless Artists Theatre Company’s website: http://rattheatre.org/

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